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 STAR Agility is an easy and innovative way to own the Star. The Mercedes-Benz STAR Agility Programme is designed to provide exceptional flexibility and peace of mind. So from the start of your journey with us, you’ll remain firmly and comfortably in the driver’s seat of the financial arrangement you choose for your new Mercedes-Benz car.

How does the Mercedes-Benz STAR Agility program work?

Step 1
Choose your new vehicle.

Step 2
Talk with your Dealership Business Manager to create a tailored Mercedes-Benz STAR Agility Plan:
• Decide on the monthly payments for your budget.
• Choose the contract term that suits you.
• The Guaranteed Future Value of your new vehicle is then based on the kilometres that you expect to cover during the course of your agreement.

Step 3
When your agreement comes to an end, you have three options – to trade, retain or return your vehicle:

Option 1 – Trade:
By trading your vehicle in for a new model, you will be protected from negative equity.

Option 2 – Retain:
Simply pay or refinance* the guaranteed future value amount and keep the vehicle.

Option 3 – Return:
Hand back the keys with no further obligations -
other than any Excess Kilometre charges and Unfair Wear and Tear.

Guaranteed Future Value for your car

Choose your STAR Agility programme*
• Decide your own EMI and loan tenure
• Get Guaranteed Future Value of the car after 3 years*
• Pay only 50% of the loan amount in 3 years*
• Choose to retain or trade-in the car after 3 years
• Choose to return the car after 3 years and do not pay the balance amount*

Choose your End of Agreement options:
• Return your car without paying the balance amount
• Trade-in the car for a new Mercedes-Benz
• Retain the car by paying the balance amount

The Benefits of STAR Agility

Affordable EMIs – It is a balloon loan based financing which results in low EMI outflow.
Flexibility of choice – Customer can choose the mileage limit depending upon the usage expected.
Flexibility of end of term – Customer can choose to retain, return or trade-in the car at the end of loan tenure.

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