RSS Feed RSS Feed for about a 2005 Mercedes-Benz C220 CDI Diesel in inventory. 2005 Mercedes-Benz C220 CDI Diesel 20 2005 Mercedes-Benz C220 CDI Diesel 2 4 Doors Saloon Auto Tiptronic 29000 Original Leather M HEXA BLUE 220 cdi latest Unleaded 0.00 1 Mumbai CLOSED,CLOSED;CLOSED,CLOSED;CLOSED,CLOSED;CLOSED,CLOSED;CLOSED,CLOSED;CLOSED,CLOSED;CLOSED,CLOSED mumbai India 400019 022-40239999 9122-66350909 2005 MERCEDES BENZ C220 CDI DIESEL C220cdi C Class  MODEL FOR SALE    MINT CONDITION,FULLY LOADEDCONTACT SELLER AMEET K THAKKER    TELEPHONE 9820110444/ 022-40239999        Registered in Thane Single owner Thane Mumbai car sparingly used car  in excellent condition  with having the following accessories:        1.-POWER STEERING Power windows ,Fully Loaded version ,Elegance        2. Climate control Aircon , LEATHER BEIGE INTERIOR Imported Stereo  ORIGINAL PAINT  SPECIAL ALLOY WHEELS MERC CLASS ORIGINAL AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION(Auto & Manual Both Combined Tiptronic Automatic Transmission)        3.  Anti Glare Mirrors ,Tilted Steering        6. Boot and inner special rubber mats.        7. Cigarette lighter        8. Sunscreen film on glasses, stereo w/o remote ,Sproiler at back  &      SPECIAL   UPOLTERY    Comprehensive Insurance  ,CORPORATE TAX PAID                                                                                                      .9) MUSIC SYSTEM,  ONLY SPARIGLY USED WITH COMPLETE SERVICE HISTORY MAINTAINED MERCEDES BENZ  WORKSHOP thane usedcar India mumbai        Colour –   MET HEXA BLUE CONTACT AMEET K THAKKER    TELEPHONE 09820110444/ 022-24181171 copy.jpg, CDI Diesel_25092008(026)LLL.jpg, CDI Diesel_25092008(019)LLL.jpg, CDI Diesel_25092008(020).jpg, CDI Diesel_25092008(015)LLLL.jpg, CDI Diesel_25092008(015).jpg, CDI Diesel_25092008(021).jpg, CDI Diesel_25092008(036)LLLLL.jpg, CDI Diesel_25092008(022)LLL.jpg, CDI Diesel_25092008(032)LLLL.jpg, CDI Diesel_25092008(027).jpg, CDI Diesel_25092008(029).jpg, CDI Diesel_25092008(033).jpg, CDI Diesel_25092008(030).jpg, CDI Diesel_25092008(038).jpg, CDI Diesel_25092008(021).jpg, CDI Diesel_25092008(023)LLL.jpg, CDI Diesel_25092008(031)LLLL.jpg, CDI Diesel_kopo.php.pjpeg, CDI Diesel_Fshell.php.pjpeg